Power Saver Process (US/Canada/AUS/NZ)‏

This is a great Canadian and American Voice Process to make excellent profits. The potential is huge and the market size is unbelievable. The details of the project (HYDRO POWER SAVER) we are proposing are as follows go through with it completely.
Basically it has special Capacitors and a Micro Chip inside which controls the flow of current in the wiring and reduces the wastage of power and controls the fluctuation of your house and in this way, it reduces your bill up to 30 %.

Process Summary:
Our procedure with call centers is very simple & straight. You make a sale and send the info to us. We will send you the status as well on daily basis to make sure everything is transparent from our side.

Initially we can offer you $100 but if your sales quality and volume is good then payout can be raised. (Conditions Apply)

Payment mode and cycle:
As for payments, we will be wire transferring the funds via bank transfer / Western Union /PayPal over to you on weekly basis.
1st payment will be release after 15 days.

Need SPD: 10
We need a call center that sticks out of the bunch, one that we can fully trust and build a great long-term relationship with. HYDRO POWER SAVER is just one of many campaigns that we can run, but we need to find the proper QUALITY based call center which is willing to work with us, so that we can work together as 1 team. If your agents need training, we have the right people to provide it, and anything that we can help with, we are more than willing to provide.


  1. we are intrested let me know the details

  2. My name is Nishant and i run a call center. I am into technical support but i would like to diversify my line of business.
    I read your post on callcentersindia.com about the Hydro Power Saver Process. I would like to know more about it as it feels interesting to me.
    Please povide me all the information related to this process

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  3. Feel free to contact us, in case if you have requirement of International BPO processes.

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