Project Details Voice Campign UPsale Inbound+OutBound+Cross sale‏

Inbound+ Outbound+ Cross sale‏
We Thank you for showing such a keen interest in partnering with  Faidora
Services, Further to our conversation, if you required BG (Bank Guarantee
or LC)we will provide, we would like to offer you Franchisee  with the
following terms:

Contract Period 11 Month.

Voice Campaign
1.Domestic Search Engine UP Sale Inbound Process
2.Domestic Search Engine Outbound Process
3.Reliance International Call center
4. DSA Direct Sales Agencies

Contract period 11 Month

Requirements: Basic office setup
?        10 Computers
?        Internet connection (5 - 12 mbps or above speed)
?        Phone line
?        Office space of 200-300 Sq.ft

Monthly fixed billing - 4 lack (Approx)
client charge with business finding fee - 2.5 lack


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    Outbound Inbound Centers

  2. Hi, We are interested in doing this process... can you send me project details to my mail id We have centers in Chennai, Hyderabad and Tirupathi...Thanks

  3. Feel free to contact us, in case if you have requirement of International BPO processes.

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