REDIFFMAIL INBOUND India Limited introduced its group deals service, named Rediff Deal Ho Jaye!, offering consumers an opportunity to discover new local services at discounted prices.

Rediff India provides online news, information, communication, entertainment and shopping services for Indians worldwide. Founded in 1996, is headquartered in Mumbai, India with offices in New Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and New York.

The company is now offering its 15 million monthly users access to local city deals. Rediff Deal Ho Jaye! is available in 40 cities in India. Users can subscribe to the latest promotions by email or SMS and receive up to 60% off services and experiences such as meals and spa days in their local area.

Seat Availability - 50 Seats
Shift schedule - 24x7.
Payout - Rs.5 per call. (Min. 5000 Calls per day )
Client’s team will do audits of your company in all departments (HR / Technical / Software / Equipment/ CSR) and they will verify all documents.
On that process they provide acceptance letter from direct client.
Local services in about 40 cities across India at discounts that range from 30 per cent to 60 per cent on any deals that they avail of

10% monthly royalty till contract.
Company profile with STPI, DOT and ISO license cope.
Complete detail on min 1 year’s privies experience on international in bond project.

Project details.
50 seaters and above.
Online Software details with literature.

Technologies overview.
A. IP Phone details.
b. Switch & ISP with extra Line details.
c. Technical leader Profile.
d. Directors or CEO Profile.

Dialer flow up diagram.
A. Hard Dialer with backup details.
b. Hosted Dialer with backup details.

Server flow up diagram.
A. Leased Line details.
b. Data storage capacity details.

Requirements :
Existing Center with own premises preferred
2-3 Years Inbound Experience (Domestic or International) with recording calls of minimum 2 processes
DOT License
STPI Registration
ISO Certification required

SIGNUP : Rs. 15 Lac at the time of the Sign up

Only Eligible Centers can contact urgently within 15 Days ,as this process is for very limited time.

Require Details :
1. Name
2. Company Name
3. Designation
4. Address
5. City,State,Zip
6. Country
7. Email
8. Phone
9. Fax
10. Mobile
11. Website
12. Photographs from Different Locations. ( 12 Photos - 4 Direction )

Consultancy Charges: Rs. 8, 50,000 are payable as Token Amount to FAIDORA VIA RTGS/DD + 5,00,000 IN CASH

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