US Wireless Outbound Process‏

Contract Outline 

1. Sign-ups must occur with US Client. With the customers located within the continental United States.
2. Sign-ups will be paid at the rate of $20 each only. 1 week after purchased phone is delivered and service is activated. Typically on Fridays, to ensure customer is real, has the phone and has activated the cell phone service.
3. Customer must purchase cell phone AND service, no alternatives.
4. All Purchases must be created online at
5. Any cell phone purchase is acceptable, however to alleviate confusion a lesser expensive phone and an Android “Smart Phone” will be promoted at all times. Only two phones are in the “Promotional Calls”.
6. Online cell phone discounts apply to “ported” phone numbers only.
Customer keeps a phone number from his/her current service and transfers the number to Light-year service. Use the phone number for the porting number on the screen; customer will need their pin number also.
There is a $29.99 activation fee and an $8.00 +/- delivery charge.
Phones will be shipped immediately and delivered within 3- 5 days.
Any other special bonuses/promotions will be given to the customer at the time the order is created. These extras may not apply at all times.


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